Quality and certifications

AMETS is certified in the International Standards UNE-EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 by SGS, which is currently accredited by ENAC.


Committed to Quality

AMETS is characterized by the quality of its service and work. For this reason we have developed and implemented an integrated model of Total Quality, based on continuous improvement to meet the highest requests of our customers.


Responsible with Health and Safety at Work

The effective integration of Prevention at work allows us to ensure the control of risks, the effectiveness of preventive measures and the detection of deficiencies that could mean new risks. We work in a safe and healthy environment.


Environmentally conscious

We are committed to our environment. That is why the objective of our environmental management is to economize the amount of raw materials and energy, to avoid waste and reduce the harmfulness of unavoidable waste throughout the life cycle of our products.

Logo ISO 14001 SGS
Logo ISO 14001 SGS