General Part Machining and Precision Tooling since 1979

We are a company with a long history and experience in the sector, which aims to always stay at the forefront of new technologies to provide the best customer service.


In AMETS we have come a long way, as a result of which our experience and know-how is born. Founded in 1979 as a small family business, our growth in technical and human resources has been constant.

We have wide experience in machining any kind of material for parts of different types and difficulties, so we can carry out any project as difficult as it may be.

You will be attended by our best professionals with a totally personalized treatment. You will meet a team of responsible and committed professionals who will assist you always.


We offer an integral manufacturing service that includes: machining, treatments, coatings, assembly, welding, etc. ensuring the traceability of the entire process.

Facilities / Equipment

AMETS is committed to the continuous improvement of its facilities and equipment, both in machinery and the company’s infrastructure.


We have our own Quality, Occupational Safety and Environment model, based on continuous improvement, to meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Our customers: